By now you’ve heard that, yes, one of the beautiful voices you hear singing backups on Keith Urban’s new song “Female” is none other than his wife, actress Nicole Kidman.

During an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” on the American Music Awards red carpet, Keith talked about how he convinced Nicole to lend her voice to the track.

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“I have a studio at the house, and that’s where we recorded the song,” he explained. “Nic was home, so I just went upstairs and said ‘Can you come and sing on this as well?’”

Nicolle Galyon, one of the writers on the song, sings on it, too.

“Nic and Nic,” Keith explained of the pairing.

The “ET” reporter, Keltie Knight, asked who had the most beautiful voice in the world and, without hesitation, Keith explained, “Oh, my wife!”

But Nicole doesn’t necessarily believe that. The Oscar-winner seemed adorably embarrassed by the compliment.

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She said, “I went down and I did it because he asked me to. He knows I have no confidence when it comes to singing. So, I’ll sing for him!” Keith added, “She was in a safe space.”

Well, we remember Nicole absolutely slaying in “Moulin Rouge!” You guys remember that film from 2001? She sang brilliantly in it! And who could forget her filling in for Carrie Underwood during an impromptu car duet with Keith on “The Fighter?”

It’s okay if you’d rather leave the music to your hubby, Nic. But just so you know, you absolutely have the talent, girl.

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