Keith Urban Dropped Everything to Be with Nicole Kidman in the Midst of Heartbreak CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube Screenshot
CBS Sunday Morning/YouTube Screenshot

Married star couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have the sweetest kind of romance. Whenever they?re seen posing in front of the cameras, they?re always smiling and making adorable gestures toward one another.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why the two of them have such a close relationship is because they?ve helped each other get through some of the toughest times.

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In a brand-new interview with ?CBS This Morning,? Nicole opened up about the day that she lost her father, Dr. Tony Kidman, back in 2014. She said that Keith dropped everything to be with her at that time.

?When my father passed away I literally was down saying, ?Please give me the strength just to be able to wake up tomorrow,’ because I was shattered beyond belief at that,” said Nicole, “I didn?t even know how to get up from it.?

Turns out that Keith was getting ready to throw a concert when he got the heartbreaking call about Nicole?s dad. Nicole was on the other end of the phone ?screaming? and ?crying.? Luckily for her though, she says that Keith, ?came right back.?

“He walked offstage and he got on a plane,? said Nicole. “He had just gotten there. He flew six hours, and he was right back. He literally picked me up and pretty much carried me through the next two weeks.?

Aside from the celebrity couple?s love life, Nicole adds that their children, Sunday Rose, 8, and Faith Margaret, 5, also helped her deal with her loss.

She said, ?I also had my children going, ?It?s going to be all right mama.? It?s interesting the way children view things, because they?re like, ?You?ve still got your mommy.'”


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In addition to that, Nicole says that her biggest wish is to be able to witness her children grow up and succeed in life.

?I would just like to be here long enough to have my children grow up and for me to see them thriving,? said Nicole, ?That?s all I ask, and that my husband and I are with each other.?

This post was originally published on December 19, 2016.

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