Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon turn on the Southern twang for this hilarious new skit YouTube/Jimmy Fallon

On May 6, Keith Urban visited “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, and boy did they make us laugh — hard!

Throwing on a black cowboy hat, Jimmy welcomed Keith to the set to mark the buddies’ first-ever television debut of their country duo, FML — a name derived from the website

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Borrowing lines that ended in (F—my life) from, a blushing Keith, armed with a banjo, and funny guy Jimmy strumming on an acoustic guitar entertained the audience with their musical chops and exaggerated Southern twang. While they sang together, the song’s lyrics splashed across the screen.

“Today, we got our yearbooks for school. I opened to my profile to see they misspelled my name, which is James. And instead, they wrote “Lames.” FML,” sang Jimmy.

Keith then followed up with, “Today, my boss fired me via text message. I don’t have a text message plan. So basically I paid 25 cents to get fired. FML.”

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While the whole clip gave us the giggles, even Keith and Jimmy couldn’t hold in their laughter. Jimmy even tried to play off his awkward accent by saying that he was yelling too loud during a Justin Bieber concert the night before.

Watch the above clip to see all the hilarity in action!

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