It can be awfully easy to act tough on social media and call someone a horribly offensive word like  “faggot” and feel like you can get away with it. But one Twitter user just found out it isn’t always that easy, especially when you get the attention of Kane Brown’s fiancée, Katelyn Jae.

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On the evening of August 10, the love of Kane’s life went to bat for her man when a Twitter user had the audacity to call him out by using that derogatory word. And as soon as Katelyn noticed it, she went off.

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“Wow, good one …. I’m gonna try and be nice and not say what I really want to right now,” she initially wrote.

And while the story could have ended there, the Twitter felt the need to reply to Katelyn. “Sorry, I don’t respect someone ‘tatted up’ an havin’ a bunch of piercings claiming to be country,” he wrote.

“And I don’t have respect for someone [who’s] so judgmental and hates on people they don’t even know,” Katelyn shot back. But she continued to take the high road, adding, “I pray [you] gain kindness and a heart.”

Good for you, Katelyn!

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