Anyone who knows Kane Brown and Lauren Alaina know that they have a magic sort of chemistry between them. It’s no surprise since the two went to school together long before they became country music stars.

This chemistry was on full display during a recent video shoot where the two, who are currently collaborating on the song “What Ifs,” asked each other a series of “What If” questions. And yes, one was enough to make a Southern girl blush.

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When Kane asked what reality or game show Lauren would like to star on if she could, she quickly answered the reality show “Big Brother.” That’s when the blushing commenced.

“I feel like you would make a lot of people fall in love with you so you would be good [on that show,]” Kane told his longtime friend. “You have to have a good personality.”

“Kane!” Lauren exclaimed. “You mean, because I’m hilarious? Thank you! That was so sweet. Who paid him to say that?”

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The Q&A between the two budding country stars also included subjects such as what superhero they would like to be, whom they would want to be stranded on a deserted island with and if they could live a life without pizza, in which Kane quickly answered yes.

“That’s insanity,” Lauren exclaimed. “Are you sure?”

“I’m not a big pizza guy,” he answered. “Unless that is you are talking about after-show food.”

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