Kacey Musgraves puts a handsy concertgoer in his place Twitter/@kaceymusgraves

She is woman, hear her roar … and put this handsy concertgoer in his place.

Kacey Musgraves did not come to mess around, y’all.

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Over the weekend, while on “The Breakers Tour” with Little Big Town, an overly eager fan got a little rough with Kacey as she walked through the crowd during her performance.

She reached her hand out to touch his hand in a normal, cordial fashion, but this guy latched on harder than usual and is seen shaking hers back more aggressively, and then doesn’t appear to want to let go.

“Oww, stop!” she is heard yelling into her microphone as she works to move away from the guy. Another concert attendee is heard on this video saying, “He grabbed her.”

Whoa, man … he must not have known who he was dealing with, because Kacey does not mess around. If you cross the line, she is going to put you in your proper place.

And call you out on social media …

“Asshat alert: this guy grabbed onto me hard, shook my arm, and wouldn’t let me go,” she captioned a short video of the incident. “Guess I’m gonna have to start carrying a rolled up newspaper out there with me.”


Fortunately, security was also right there in the event that anything got any weirder than it already was.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon situation that artists encounter on a regular basis. Fans get overexcited, overly inappropriate and sometimes even overly aggressive and trouble ensues.

Remember that Tim McGraw had to take charge of a grabber at his Atlanta show back in 2014? While out on the end of the stage in the crowd, a fan reached up and grabbed Tim’s leg, seen plain as day in video of the incident. He instinctively swatted her away without even looking in order to keep from falling and having his pants ripped.

Tim told ET Canada his side of that story, saying, “Sometimes things can lose context and perspective. I reacted in an instinctive, defensive way from my perspective of what was going on. It was an unfortunate situation, I think, all the way around … It happened in a split second. It was a pure instinctive reaction. I think you just have to move on. It was just one of those things that happens and nobody feels good about it. But there’s nothing can be done about it.”

Tim’s wife, Faith Hill, once told off a fan from the stage after that fan grabbed Tim in the crotch at a 2007 show in Louisiana. At that same rowdy concert, Tim also may or may not have had a ring stolen off his finger by a fan as he was reaching out to shake hands in the audience. The ring was quickly recovered, but it was unclear whether it slipped off or was taken deliberately.


Luke Bryan had to implement — and enforce — a “no butt touching” policy at his meet-and-greets to keep his famous tush safe from the hands of grabby fans. He once told talk show host James Corden, “There are quite a few wandering hands,” at those meet-and-greets.

He also told Ellen DeGeneres, “It’s funny, ’cause you see, like early on in your career, you don’t want to tell your fans that they can’t interact with you, so you let them get away with kisses on the cheek and all that. Someone will go, ‘Can I grab your butt?’ … and back then if it was a polite ask, we would oblige them. But then you got 90 others.”


But that was then and then is now, and only Luke decides who he might be able to bend the rules for, as he did once for an elderly fan in Kansas City last July.

I’m sure he’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask and just settled for a hug instead!

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And if all of this seems a little harsh or ridiculous to you, maybe this will help: actors, artists and celebrities are all human beings just like us. Their jobs are different, and certain aspects of their lives are very different, yes. But deep down, they’re real people, too, with the same feelings and emotions as everyone else. Just imagine yourself in their position: would you want someone to touch you in a personal place or grab you and not let go?

Gives a little perspective, doesn’t it?

Remember: be nice, be respectful and keep your hands to yourself.

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