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This past May, Justin Moore watched helplessly as his church in Arkansas burned to the ground. He was 30 minutes away from the church at his house at the time, but the photos and videos he saw of the fire absolutely broke his heart.

He describes the whole experience as “surreal.”

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Justin tells Rare Country, “That’s where I grew up going to church. That’s where we still attend church — myself and my family. That church is the one in the ‘Small Town USA’ video, which, to me, is even more special to have that now that it’s not standing.”

He adds, “That’s the church I was saved and baptized in. And my parents. And nobody was hurt. That’s the best thing about it. A church is not the building. It’s the people.”

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Justin is now putting a benefit event together to help raise money to rebuild the church, which stood for more than 80 years. According to Justin’s grandfather, the church building was built back then after a fire destroyed the building before that.

Justin explains, “This happens fairly frequently with these old churches that have been there for 80 years or whatever, whether it be faulty wiring. We’re assuming it’s something electrical. Foul play, there’s none of that. That’s good to know.”

Though it’s hard to lose the church building, Justin sees God working through it all.

“God’s got a plan,” Justin tells us. “We’d been discussing building a new church because fortunately we have grown at a pretty rapid pace over the last couple of years. We’re kind of outgrowing that church as it was. We were all a little concerned about taking that leap, so maybe it was God just going ‘Let’s do it.'”


As for his music career, Justin is racing up the country chart with his latest hit, “You Look Like I Need a Drink.” It’s the lead single from his new album, “Kinda Don’t Care,” due out Aug. 12.

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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