Thanks to the intense coverage of Julianne Hough’s wedding to NHL player Brooks Laich earlier this summer, fans know that it was quite a day to remember, filled with beautiful moments and much love. Yet, there was one part of the wedding we hadn’t yet seen, but now can thanks to Julianne’s bestie Kristy Sowan. It’s an elaborately choreographed dance by the bridesmaids and some of Julianne’s other girlfriends.

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My #WCW goes out to @juleshough and all the beautiful ladies that helped make this surprise dance come to life,” Kristy wrote on her Instagram page Aug. 23. “I typically can’t keep a gift or surprise to myself to save my life, and any form of attention gives me anxiety. But I knew it would mean the world to my best friend on her wedding day, which is why the best part of this video is just watching Jules completely lose it!”

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We are not sure what we love more — the dance by her friends or Julianne’s exuberant reaction. It’s obvious that these two are close, as Kristy has served as both Julianne’s bestie and her assistant since they met each other more than five years ago.

Julianne Hough’s reaction to this wedding surprise is downright priceless Instagram/KristySowin
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