Julianne Hough’s dance tribute to a terminally ill friend will blow you away YouTube/Dancing With The Stars
YouTube/Dancing With The Stars

Julianne Hough made an exciting, yet emotional return to “Dancing With The Stars,” on Nov. 20. She paid a stunning tribute to her terminally ill friend, choreographer Marinda Davis, with a dance routine set to Alexander Jean’s “Wouldn’t Change Anything.”

The routine, which was choreographed by Marinda, opened up with a shoeless Julianne dressed all in white. The blonde-haired performer conveyed a distraught look on her face as she walked out of a door that represented a doctor’s office.

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She then made her way down some steps as other dancers moved about on the ballroom floor. They lifted her up from the ground and tossed her back and forth before she ended up back on the ground — this time motionless. In the final moments of the performance, Julianne was hoisted up into the air by wires, while those around her presumably mourned her death.

After embodying Marina’s spirit in the poignant piece, Julianne received a well-deserved standing ovation.

The 29-year-old dancer, who also served as a guest judge on the episode, later posted a clip of the performance on Instagram, and added a note about her brave friend who had been tragically diagnosed with seven autoimmune diseases.

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“I had the chance of a lifetime to help bring my friend Marinda’s story to life through dance,” she wrote before encouraging others to share their own personal stories on her page. “All week I’ve been reading your comments about the performance and what it meant to you or how you interpreted it. That’s the greatest thing about dance, it can mean so many different things and give people so many different emotions.


“I would love to hear some of your own stories and, who knows, maybe we can create a piece inspired by your own story,” she continued. “I am so inspired by strong and determined, yet kind and loving women. It was such an honor to work with @marinainspirations — who is all of those things and more — for this piece.”

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