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It’s no secret that many Hollywood actors and actresses have to constantly deal with the pressure to be thin. Often times, they will be asked to lose weight in order to fit the role of a character in a film.

And, it turns out that even Julianne Hough has had her own body shaming experience while working in the movie business. In fact, she says she was once called “fat” every single day while working on a movie.

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Yep, you read that right. The tiny-framed Julianne, former champion and judge on “Dancing with the Stars,” was once criticized for her weight while working on the set of a movie.

“I did a film where I basically was told I was fat every day,” the 29-year-old actress and wife of hockey star Brooks Laich said in a brand-new interview with Redbook magazine. “Yet, I was the skinniest I’d ever been.”

Julianne didn’t disclose which project she was working on that made her feel ridiculed for her size. But, her acting days began at the tender age of 11 when she starred as a Hogwarts schoolgirl in the first Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

It was around that time when she says that she became insecure about her appearance.

“I was very self-accepting growing up, then something switched in middle school. I would compare myself to everyone,” she said.

These days, however, Julianne has a more positive perception on her appearance. She’s more confident, and she hopes to inspire and encourage other women to feel comfortable in their own skin, too. She’s made that very clear by posting body confident shots on her Instagram page. You can check some of those photos out below!

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❤️❤️❤️ #fbf to a little impromptu photoshoot after I jumped in the pool with a full face of makeup on. When I came out of the water my girlfriend @samanthamarq was like, wait stay there, and she took a few shots. This was right after my Wedding and Honeymoon, where I had a really big, surprising switch happen. I had never felt more free, beautiful and confident in my body. I truly felt like a woman for the very first time. Anyway, long story short, it’s taken me 3 months to post this because I “didn’t want people to think” that I was trying too hard or that because this was a real life photo and not for something related to my career that it was weird to post. Then I went, “Whoaw Jules get out of your head and stop making decisions based off of what I “think” people will think. Who actually cares anyway!?!?!” 🤣🤣🤣 If I like the picture and I feel good, I should share that. It’s important to celebrate being confident, inspire others to do the same and to not hold back because you’re afraid of being judged! I wanted to share this because I want women, especially girls figuring out who they are to know that we all go through this…. and a lot too. It’s doesn’t just happen once! Haha Yup, I’m human, and the people I look up to are as well…. we all have our moments of insecurity and little things that hold us back. But feeling pressure to be the person that you “think” people want you to be, will always stunt your growth! So I want to encourage all of you to share a picture that makes YOU feel really good or maybe one that you have been second guessing about sharing. Tag your friends and challenge them as well! The cool thing is we keep growing, changing and redefining who we are all the time. So let’s start now and own it! 💋 📷: @samanthamarq


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Julianne also said that she’s come up with a few tricks to feel better about her body when she’s feeling down.

“Now, when I’m self-conscious, I’ll do something completely crazy or goofy to get out of my own head—something fun that reminds me of the freedom I felt as a kid before all that happened,” she explained.

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Even though Julianne is happy in her own skin, she couldn’t be more thrilled to prep for her role as bodybuilder and fitness instructor Betty Weider in the upcoming film “Bigger.” The role requires Julianne to gain more muscle mass than what she’s used to in order to develop a more curvaceous figure.

“Women in that era had bigger hips and bigger busts,” she said. “I don’t naturally have that hourglass shape. I’m more elongated and square, to be honest.”

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