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Julianne Hough feels like she’s entered a brand-new chapter of life since tying the knot with her hubby, NHL star Brooks Laich, in July.

She tells “Entertainment Tonight,” “I feel like I’m coming into my own being married.”

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As you can see from this interview clip, the 29-year-old actress/dancer/singer just lights up when talking about her new status as a married woman.

“I?m so happy,” Julianne says. “People ask if it’s different, and it really is. Obviously, our day-to-day life is similar, but just the deep amount and sense of love that you have for this person, and feeling totally one is so much more grand than I ever imagined. I cannot wait, and even imagine, the kind of love I’ll have for him in 20 years or 30 years. It’s going to be so deep.”

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The new role as a wife has changed Julianne profoundly, and she now wonders why she was a little hesitant to jump into marriage for a while.

Julianne explains, “I was into it, but I always had a hand out. I always had two feet in, but I had a hand out. I’m still an independent, strong woman. What’s amazing is, I feel more independent, even more strong, even more full and enriched. I feel sexier. I feel all these different things that you would think that that’s how you feel when you’re single and you own yourself, but I think I feel all those things 10 times more. I feel this maturity that has happened, and a peace and a direction that I want to go towards.”


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