If you’ve been an entertainer nearly all your life, then flubs onstage are a rare event, but they’re still possible. Ask Julianne Hough and her brother Derek. They completely lost it during a recent performance of their Move Beyond Live show in Florida.

Now, we aren’t quite sure what happened, but in this video, the siblings seem to kick off their song without a problem. Then, at one point early in the number, after Derek bumps Julianne in the booty, she sounds like she might be stifling a laugh. They continue on, navigating the stage with pretty simple choreography until Julianne looks at Derek and starts to giggle and doubles over. As he crosses back behind her, she full on loses it. When he gets to his point onstage, he drops to his knees laughing.

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The consummate professionals try to push through their hysterics, but it’s obvious they need a minute to collect themselves, so Derek stops the music saying, “Can we do that? We’ve never done that before.” Meanwhile, his baby sis is flat on the floor laughing.

After a few deep breaths, the singing and dancing pair resume their routine to an adoring crowd who stayed right in the moment with them to witness the magical mishap. “It’s a special night,” Derek remarked.

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The rest of that number, complete with some scripted laughs and a Disney medley, went off without a hitch, but now we really want to see it, don’t you? Dates for the Move Beyond Live Tour continue into June, but it’s still a busy time for the Houghs. Julianne previously announced that she’ll tie the knot with fiancé Brooks Laich this year.

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