This Texas country star shares a special part of his personal life and explains why Instagram/@joshabbottband

When your job is to make music, you probably hear music everywhere in everything: In the trees, the breeze, the seas ?. Hey, did we just write a song? A really bad one?

It looks like Texas-based singer-songwriter Josh Abbott could get some real musical inspiration from his baby girl, Emery Farryn, who is just a couple of months shy of her first birthday.

Josh shared a new video clip on Instagram, and it shows the daddy and daughter playing airplane. But the visual is nothing compared to the audio. As Josh swings his baby girl through the air, she cackles and squeals with such delight that it is like a song.

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In the post, he writes, ?A little baby laughter to make your Tuesday go even better! (Sidenote: Insta is a great platform for advertising, BUT when that?s ALL an artist does with it, it just feels stale and robotic to me. So I like to post personal stuff too, and I hope that?s okay! Plus, my daughter is the cutest human on Earth. I?m slightly biased though.)”

While some artists shield their children and personal lives from social media, Josh shares much of his, including the lows. When his father suffered a debilitating and, ultimately, fatal stroke, the entertainer shared the story and the heartbreak he was feeling. But he also shared his joy over the pregnancy of fiancée Taylor Parnell and the birth of Emery.

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The singer, who is often credited with giving Carly Pearce a big career boost when she sang on his ?Wasn?t That Drunk,? has been a pretty open book when it comes to communicating and connecting with his fans. His 2015 album, ?Front Row Seat,? told the story of Josh?s marriage and its ultimate demise. The follow-up, 2017?s ?Until My Voice Goes Out,? was just as personal, but feels more like his life in the aftermath of the divorce and how, in spite of losing his father, his daughter is bringing a new happiness to his life.


Stale and robotic seem very far from what Josh is doing on his social media pages, or in his music.

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