Country star John Rich shares his thoughts on Trump’s State of the Union address  YouTube/Today

Whether Republican or Democrat, at our core we are Americans. And as Americans, we proudly live in a country based on a democracy that allows its citizens to speak their minds and to cast their votes for the person they think can best lead our country.

And, although having an opinion often evokes virtual brawls between political parties, as United States citizens, we have the responsibility and right to question our elected officials’ decisions. Country star and former “Celebrity Apprentice” winner John Rich is one American proudly exercising that right and encouraging all Americans to do so as well, whether they are for or against President Trump’s policies.

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John recently appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today,” and when the show host remarked that he was a lover of President Trump, he diplomatically replied, “I don’t love everything about anybody.”

That seems fair.

Megyn went on to ask the country star about his feelings on the president’s recent State of the Union address and John shared his thoughts.

“It was a lot of good news in there,” he said. “I liked seeing that a lot of people that I sing to out there are getting jobs back, and keeping more of their money and those kinds of things. I don’t think there’s any downside to getting your job back or keeping more of your money.” He went on to say, “Like anybody else, you’re always allowed to criticize the president and you should criticize every president. Not everybody nails 100% it for everybody.”

That also seems fair.

But the visit wasn’t all about politics. At the beginning of the interview, John took a moment to catch folks up on what’s new with his duo, Big & Rich.

“We did over 100 concerts last year and we’re on pace to do that again this year,” he said. “A new record just came out, new music is coming out, it’s rocking. Everything is going great and we’re so blessed. Every morning you get to wake up in America and know you have no ceiling over your head. You can work as hard as you want to, pursue happiness as we’re guaranteed in the constitution. What else can a guy ask for?”

The hit singer-songwriter likely learned that work ethic and positive attitude from his Granny Rich, whom he said would turn 86 in February and still works 40 hours a week in her alterations shop. He said he asked her why she continues to work so much and she replied, “Because I can and that’s what you’re supposed to do.”

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John, who actually is the son of a preacher man, was also on the show to talk about the philanthropic arm of his Redneck Riviera brand. Every purchase made from the clothing, food, and whiskey line kicks back a generous donation to charities that serve children and veterans. “It’s called tithing,” he said.

That was pretty much enough to make us run to the Redneck Riviera site to order a new pair of boots only to discover that, due to overwhelming demand after his appearance with Megyn, boot orders may be delayed and some styles could run out.

Hell. Guess we’ll have to buy the whiskey.

That’s fair.

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