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Typically, when we think about sports like boxing, mixed martial arts, jiu-jitsu and wrestling, we think of tough, large, angry, formidable powerhouse athletes who use their size and aggression for intimidating their opponents as much as they use their physical strength and stamina in their respective sports.

Then we think of John Cena.

Make no mistake, he is not a slight man by any stretch. John is over six feet tall and weighs well over the 200-pound mark. And when John is in the wrestling ring, he is a tough, aggressive and competent athlete who has earned an impressive collection of championship belts through his sport.

But when he is outside the ring, John has a heart bigger than those championship belts. According to ESPN, John has made more than 500 dreams come true for ?Make-A-Wish? kids. ?I just drop everything,? he says. ?If I can offer a fantastic experience, I?ll be first in line to do my part.?

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He?s also known to wear hats and t-shirts with motivational messages like ?Never Give Up,? ?Rise Above Hate? and ?Be a Star,? and has been a champion for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to generate awareness for early detection and a cure for breast cancer.

While cynics may believe that some of these opportunities for John to shine are choreographed for media, No. 1., we aren?t so sure about that, and No. 2., we don?t much care because as far as we can see, John Cena is just a good dude.

And it sounds like the WWE feels the same way.

During a recent night of wrestling, after winning his match John left the mat and climbed the protective wall to embrace a young man he spotted in a wheelchair. In a video clip the WWE shared on Twitter, you can see John give him a gentle hug while speaking into his ear. He then shook hands with what appears to be the child?s parents or guardians. And before returning to the ring, he removed his armband and placed it on the tray of the young man’s wheelchair.


Meanwhile, the announcers pointed out, ?That is what John Cena is all about. The man wears his heart on his sleeve and leaves his heart in the ring.?


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Back in 2012, John found love with fellow wrestler Nikki Bella, and the couple was engaged in 2017. However, in a promo for a recent episode of Nikki’s reality TV show ?Total Bellas,? the couple appeared to be at a crossroads in their relationship. During an appearance on ?Kathie Lee and Hoda? though, John explained that, ?In relationships, you have highs and lows, and that was an extreme low.? He went on to say that the couple had the choice to ?jump ship? or work through their issues. John said, ?We both have some work to do and we are genuinely trying our best to work through it.?


Our best wishes go out to John and Nikki.

And props to John for his continued efforts to bring joy to the lives of others.

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