Joey+Rory once again find hope and inspiration in the smiles of their biggest fan ThisLifeILive

When you reach the point when cancer medicines don’t work and the prognosis is grim, sometimes the simplest actions can provide the most beautiful remedies, such as a smile.

Not just one of those smiles that people give you when they feel sorry for your circumstances or sorry for themselves for having to face reality, but one of those smiles when your heart is bursting with love that shines through your facial expression.

During Joey+Rory’s heartbreaking journey, it has been their dear daughter Indiana’s smiles that have often made bad days good. And in a Jan. 14 blog post Rory describes how that little girl’s smile has played such a big part in Joey’s final days.

“Our little one has one of the most expressive little faces I’ve ever seen,” he wrote. “Joey had had some tough days and the decline of her condition was weighing heavy on her and all of our minds. But in a matter of minutes, Indy had her mama laughing out loud… Like she did that day in August at the hospital in Atlanta when Joey was starting chemo, I think our baby is continuing to cheer her mama on in her fight – the best way she knows how.”

Keep smiling, little Indiana.

Tricia Despres is a senior correspondent for Rare Country, based out of Chicago. Join the conversation on Twitter at @RareCountry. We would love to see y’all there.
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