Joey+Rory just shared a crucial lesson about life and love that everybody needs to hear

Joey+Rory’s story will change us; whether you’ve followed the country duo’s example throughout their entire career or you’ve only come to know them through their heartbreaking story this past year. We will live differently from now on, if we want to live by the example set by this remarkable couple.

“Our greatest hope is that we live each day on this earth like it could be our last day to be together,” Rory told the “Today” show in an exclusive interview released on Jan. 15. “Not just because it actually could be our last day … but because life is so short for all of us. None of us ever knows how much time we have or what lies in store. I’ve said it before about Joey and me, but it’s true … we don’t have forever — but we have today, and that’s enough.”

Joey+Rory are taking things one day at a time and trying not to look too far ahead into the future, even though that future just might include one of the biggest moments of their career at the upcoming 2016 Grammy Awards.

“I’d love to be here holding Joey’s hand, watching the show on TV and if they called our names as the winner, I want to be able to lean over, look into her eyes and say ‘congratulations honey’ and give her a long, slow kiss,” Rory said. “But God only knows where we will be in a month.”

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