Joey+Rory join Zac Brown Band for a beautiful live performance YouTube

In a day and age where so many music fans stream their favorite songs, album sales are hard to come by. That is unless you’re Zac Brown Band of course.

Special music moves people, and the songs that made up ZBB’s “The Foundation” album moved millions of people so much they wanted to own it forever.

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In April 2010, Zac Brown Band was able to celebrate their debut album, “The Foundation,” selling 2 million copies. The beautiful thing about that is it wasn’t fueled by just one hit song. There were a lot of great songs on that record that the band has become known for, including “Toes,” “Whatever It Is” and “Chicken Fried.”

But they all pale in comparison to the beauty that is “Free.”

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As great as the song on the record is, the most stunning rendition is when Joey+Rory joined ZBB onstage in Atlanta in 2009. Long before Joey fell ill and sadly before most fans even knew her name, Zac knew the greatness the country duo possessed and wanted them to be a part of a special night. The colors their voices painted were beautiful.

Zac not only included this on his “Pass The Jar” DVD, but a special video of their live performance was also created for CMT.

God bless you, Joey.

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