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It might look like it’s a lot of fun to be a celebrity. Traveling the world, wearing fancy clothes and dining at great restaurants sounds exciting, but the constant hounding by the media would get a little tiresome, especially if you have little ones. But what if you ARE a little one?

You don’t have to worry about Joey+Rory’s little girl, Indiana, though. She knows exactly what to tell the paparazzi should they become just a little true intrusive for her liking. And she got to practice that line recently.

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Only it wasn’t the paparazzi bothering Indy while she was just trying to enjoy some yummy chicken noodle soup. It happened while visiting sister Heidi in Alabama, and it was her very own relative who had a camera all up in her business.

The nerve!

In a hilarious and precious post on her Instagram page, Heidi shares a video of Indy—who will turn four on Feb. 17—safely strapped in a high chair and all bibbed up. Indy is enjoying her lunch, and Heidi is grabbing a cute bit of video to show that her sister is truly loving the soup that was made from a recipe in one of Chrissy Teigen’s “Craving” cookbooks.

Indiana tolerates it for a moment, but whether the last spoonful that Heidi fed her ran amok or she simply wanted some quality time with her sister, enough was enough for the youngest Feek. She very gently shakes her head and politely says, “no pictures.” When Heidi asks, “what,” she softly repeats, “no pictures.”

And we are dying!

You can even hear Heidi fight back a laugh before apologizing to her Baby Sis and shutting down the camera.

Celebrities will often plead, “no pictures, please” while they hold up a hand to block the prying eyes behind the camera lens of the paparazzi as they try to go about their normal lives. But it definitely takes a humorous tone as Indiana shuts down her sister’s camera phone.

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Fortunately for the little girl who lost her loving mama, Joey Martin Feek, almost two years ago, daddy Rory Feek has kept his family far from the public eye on the farm he built in rural Tennessee with his beloved wife, Joey. It isn’t likely that Indy will ever have to face imposing media in her everyday life, but it is possible that Rory could take her to a music event where cameras will flash on the red carpet. At least they are expected to be there.

Now, this issue of her sister poking around in her life and lunch while she’s vacationing in Alabama, well, that’s a family matter. But actually, the pair is extremely close and enjoy spending time together every chance they get, having fun and doing the girl things.

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