Jimmy Fallon and Adam Sandler join forces on a country music tribute to the troops YouTube/The Tonight Show

“Ladies and gentleman, we present to you a very special song dedicated to the troops.” And with that, comedians Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon were well on there way to putting their unique comedic spin on a country classic.

Performed on the May 25 episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” the tribute to the troops was entitled “Friends on All Bases,” a direct takeoff of Garth Brooks’ country classic “Friends in Low Places.” Originally meant to be a song dedicated to all the service men and women currently in New York City for Fleet Week, the tune also serves as a wonderful way to start out the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

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While the tribute had more than it’s share of funny moments (“If I saw you on Tinder you know I’d swipe right,”) it also gave some much-deserved props to the troops who keep us safe each and every day (“They’re all brave and strong. I dedicate this song to those who serve us day and night.)

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What made the song even better was watching these two clad in cowboy hats and guitars swung around their necks. They looked very much in their country element, if we say so ourselves.

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