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Jennifer Nettles burst onto the country scene as the lead vocalist of Sugarland in 2004, and through the years, accumulated everything from awards to hit singles to millions of fans.

And then, she walked away.

She walked away from the country duo that she had seen so much success with and embarked on a solo career that has already garnered her the time and ability to make her mark on television, Broadway and as a solo country artist.

But she never walked away from the fans. In fact, in a recent interview with Rare Country, Jennifer reflected on the connection fans still have with Sugarland’s music.

?I can appreciate that fans take an ownership and a connection,? Jennifer said in the interview, which focused on her participation in the new Outnumber Hunger campaign. ?I am guilty of it, as well as a music fan [myself]. I?m connected to music at a certain place in my life. There are so many artists that I love, but they are albums that were out when I was in college or going through a transformative period in my life that would be my favorite rather than what they have evolved to doing later in their career. So now, there will be people connected to my solo work at a certain point of their lives. While I always want to offer my fans my best and most authentic self as an a artist, I think me going solo is doing that.?

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