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One of the greatest joys that any parent can have is seeing their child grow up in front of their eyes. And, Jennifer Nettles is experiencing that first-hand.

But, the country singer admits that she couldn’t have fathomed that part of her life, which takes place away from the spotlight.

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In a new interview with, Jennifer confessed, “I was not one of those girls that always dreamed of, ‘I’m going to have my wedding,’ and ‘I’m going to have a family’ and ‘I’m going to have a little picket fence, and everything’s going to be (wonderful).'”

Despite not having those goals in mind, Jennifer was indeed blessed with those luxuries. In 2011 she married former model Justin Miller. Shortly after, the couple welcomed adorable baby boy Magnus Hamilton Miller into their world.

Now, Jennifer is having a blast getting to know every little detail about her sweet son.

“I feel like I was reborn the day that Magnus was born,” said a proud Jennifer about giving birth to her child back in December 2012. “It set me on this trajectory to become way braver, to allow myself to be way more vulnerable, and to put myself out there that feels raw and exposing and that feels much more authentic.”

That bravery and vulnerability can be heard on Jennifer’s latest album, “Playing With Fire,” which she released on May 13. It’s on that record that Jennifer pays homage to motherhood in the songs like “Way Back Home” and her duet with Jennifer Lopez, “My House.”


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“I’ve lived a good bit more life, and in having become a mother, I have experienced what that is and how it has really transformed me in many ways,” said Jennifer. “I think there’s a lot to be said on this album that’s much more vulnerable and raw and sassy and fun.”

On Oct. 28, Jennifer will release a new project — a holiday album titled “To Celebrate Christmas.”

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