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You’ve been hearing Jennifer Nettles sing her own country hits for more than a decade now with her duo Sugarland and as a solo artist, but have you ever heard her belt out the theme to “Three’s Company?”

Well, you’re about to thanks to Rare Country’s newest quiz challenge, “Hunter Kelly’s Pop Culture Pop Up Game.”

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After an especially fruitful visit to some of the local used record stores here in Nashville a few weeks back, Rare Country thought we’d take a few of our newfound treasures with us when we talked to Jennifer a few days later about her new album, “Playing with Fire.” She was told to just say or sing the first thing that popped in her head when she saw what was being held up.

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Here’s how it went down:

First up was a vinyl copy of Madonna’s self-titled debut album from 1983. Jennifer was really into Madonna’s hairstyle on that album cover, and it got her to singing another M hit from the ’80s, “Into the Groove.”

The second album to pop up was a special picture-disc copy of Dolly Parton’s 1979 album, “Great Balls of Fire.” Jennifer was so on-point in knowing this album came out right before Dolly hit the silver screen in “9 to 5” in 1980. Of course, Jennifer played Dolly’s mom in the blockbuster NBC TV movie “Coat of Many Colors,” so it’s clear she knows her Dolly trivia.

Lastly was a DVD copy of “Three’s Company,” that playfully dirty sitcom from the late ’70s. As kids watching reruns of the show, we had no idea about all of the risqué jokes. Jennifer felt the same way saying, “Scandalous! I am violated by it, but it was very good. And at the time when you’re young, you don’t know the difference. You just think, ‘Oh, they just happen to be living together.'”


Oh, and you can thank us later for giving you the opportunity to hear Jennifer’s signature vocals on that “Three’s Company” theme song.

Jennifer Nettles is back with a brand-new album, “Playing with Fire,” out now. It features her latest single, “Unlove You,” as well as a duet with Jennifer Lopez on the anthem for working moms everywhere — “My House.”

Hunter Kelly is a senior correspondent for Rare Country. Follow him on Twitter @Hunterkelly.
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