Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, takes on mom shamers and cowardly keyboard critics Instagram/@brittanyaldean

We?ve all seen those keyboard warriors who troll accounts on social media looking for a place to spew their negativity and venom, casting judgment on those who have a different opinion or that they think they are superior to. And as quickly as the target of their hate fires back, they vanish, deleting their comments as others smack them down in defense of the person they initially criticized.

The typical victims of these cowards are those who are living their best life. Celebrities, entertainers, high profile athletes and, of course, their spouses are easy targets because of their social media presence. But we?ve seen it before. Kelly Clarkson has been a victim, as have Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. Even Carrie Underwood and sweet Lauren Akins, wife of Thomas Rhett, have been the bullseye of these haters? arrows. It?s ridiculous.

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From time to time, sassy stars like Kelly, or super sweet and supportive spouses like Lauren, fire back. And while their methods may be different, the result is the same?they aren?t having it.

Now Jason Aldean?s wife, Brittany, has had enough, too.

Jason and Brittany are taking an adults only vacation with their great friends Dee Jay Silver and his wife, gorgeous Jenna Perdue. The couples are enjoying some much-needed grownup beach time without their respective little ones, Memphis and Wake.

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Both Brittany and Jenna have shared photos of their tropical locale and some of the great outfits and swimsuits they are both wearing, and, apparently, the haters were commenting on Jason?s lack of boots. One commented that he looked like he was in a boy band, and another asked if he was only country when he was in concert. Still another said, ?Talk about a woman who totally changed a guy. Pathetic. She?s the one who wants him to wear skinny jeans and vneck shirts. He?s never dressed like that his entire life.?


Hmm ? his ?entire life?? Must be a lifelong friend of Jason?s.

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Of course, like shamers and keyboard critics are inclined to do, many deleted their comments after Jason and Brittany?s loyal following began calling them out, but the beautiful blonde eventually had enough and put her foot down.

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Sharing a photo of herself with her handsome hubs, Brittany wrote, ?Much needed vacay? Just a word of wisdom for all the parent shamers … vacations are OM for new parents to take. Sometimes after being pregnant for almost a year, cooped up in a house for weeks at a time, you need a little sunshine and adult time. It is not OK to leave your ignorant comments. If you don?t agree with something, please … do me a favor and unfollow me. You will NOT be missed? And for all the sweet, positive, happy people … we love you and thank you!!???

What? What? ?Unfollow me?? But Brittany, what would these haters do with their anger then? Girl, we got you.

Obviously, we?re being sarcastic and we applaud the heck out of Brittany for speaking out against this unnecessary form of bravado. We?d also like to add, DANG SISTER! You look AMAZING for just having had a baby! Good on ya!

Haters, lighten up. We?re sure Jesus appreciates ya, but he can handle the judging on his own.

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