Jason Aldean’s son, Memphis, locks down his first photo shoot without a hitch Instagram/@memphis.aldean

Oh how we love babies! Good thing, too, huh? The country music community has experienced a baby boom in 2017, and our social media timelines are filled with gummy smiles, first steps, Christmas meltdowns and other milestones. We love those images, and thanks to Jason Aldean and wife Brittany, we’ll soon have some fancy photos of their baby boy, Memphis.

On his very own Instagram page, Memphis “shared” behind-the-scenes pictures of his newborn photo shoot, and all we can say is, “More please!”

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The images show the photographer taking some pictures of the newborn, and it looks like at least one setup is inspired by famed photographer Anne Geddes, with tiny little Memphis swaddled in a blanket and curled up in a basket on a wood floor.

Even from this angle, we can tell that these shots are going to be breathtaking.

Memphis … or his mom and dad … also shared a little video clip on Instagram, and it appears that he didn’t get the baby’s handbook on how to sleep or cry through his first photo shoot. Wide-eyed and bare tushy high in the air, Memphis is as chill as he could possibly be, pulling on his puppy paci and taking in the action as the photographer arranges the backdrop and blanket that he lays on.

Mom even commented on the photo, “He sleeps all day, every day … except for his newborn shoot.”

That may be, but when he’s awake, he seems to be extremely alert for a newborn as we’ve seen in prior images.

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Brittany did express some concern with oversharing pictures of Memphis after they brought him home, but so far that just isn’t the case. Although there have been a few images posted on his Instagram page, we simply can’t get enough.


With Christmas just around the corner, we’re hoping we get a lot of happy holiday pictures from the Aldean household. But shortly after that, we’ll be in the midst of college bowl season, and with Daddy’s Georgia Bulldogs in the Rose Bowl and Mommy’s Alabama Crimson Tide in the Cotton Bowl, we’re betting on seeing Baby Boy in both Dawg and Tide gear.

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