Jason Aldean's love for his country shines through in this amazing performance tmitnick/YouTube screenshot
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If you’ve ever had the window seat for a cross-country flight and peered out as you soared across the United States, you know the beautiful patchwork quilt that our country’s landscape creates. Being one of the biggest stars in country music, we can only assume that Jason Aldean has enjoyed those views as he flies or takes his tour bus from city to city to perform for his fans.

And that’s part of the reason he recorded his 2012 chart-topping single, “Flyover States.”

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When he released the single, Jason told CMT, “I fell in love with the song. It talks about something that doesn’t get a lot of attention anymore, which is the farmers and people who are the backbone of our country…We spend a lot of time traveling the country in a bus or plane or whatever we might be doing that particular week. We get a chance to go out and see that firsthand, and I think maybe that is one of the reasons that I was probably drawn to it a little bit. I visualize myself looking out the plane window and you see those big square patches of land it looks like a quilt out there. I think visually it’s just a really cool song.”

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The song has truly become an American anthem with politicians using it in their campaigns and athletes using it is as their theme music. Mostly, it’s a reminder that from coast to coast, north to south and east to west, we really do live in the best country.


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