Jason Aldean shows just how far he’ll go to make his children happy Instagram/@jasonaldean

There is something so special about the relationship between daddies and daughters. Dads are usually a little girl?s first love, and they set the bar for any men that come into their daughters’ lives as they grow up.

It looks like the men who will one day woo Jason Aldean?s daughters are going to have to learn to be game for anything, including playing dress-up!

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Apparently, Jason?s youngest daughter, Kendyl, had a daddy-daughter dance at school and the theme was the ’80s. In a picture Jason posted on Instagram, we can see Kendyl is decked out like a true ’80s baby with a ?Saved By the Bell? t-shirt, bright neon colors and little touches of Madonna. Adorable!

Jason also embraced the decade in parachute pants, a Members Only jacket, a Michael Jackson ?Thriller? tee and a headband a la Axl Rose. He also wears a pair of shuttered sunglasses that match his jacket and shoes. And the best part is, Jason doesn?t look one bit uncomfortable, embarrassed or self-conscious. Rather, he looks tickled to be taking his little girl to a dance.

In the photo with Kendyl, Jason is also holding his baby boy, Memphis. And while Memphis isn?t wearing anything too ’80s-centric, onesies are pretty timeless, so you could say that even though he wasn?t attending the festivities, he still had on a classic look from the decade.

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Social media trolls frequently attack Jason for not sharing more photos of Kendyl and Keeley on his social pages, accusing him of not caring as much about his girls as he does about his new baby boy. We assure you, nothing could be further from the truth. Jason is a proud dad to all three of his children, and it seems that every time the girls are visiting him, there are pictures documenting their fun times.


And the girls look pretty darn happy with the memories they?re making with their pops. Check out Kendyl?s big smile!

We?re eager to see if video surfaces of Jason doing the moonwalk at the dance though!

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