Jason Aldean proves that country stars are just like the rest of us Getty Images/Rick Diamond
Getty Images/Rick Diamond

Most everybody has a weekend routine, right? Sometimes it involves yard work or laundry, or maybe grocery shopping and meal planning. And almost all of us hit the store to pick up much needed necessities, right? Even Jason Aldean and wife Brittany sometimes find a run to Target in their weekend plans.

We tend to think that celebrities stay at home and have everything delivered. Or if they do go to a store, it’s an upscale boutique that shuts down so stars can shop in privacy. But not country stars. They go to Starbucks, Kroger and even Target just like the rest of us do. And they go in clean clothes.

How clean?

Downy fresh!

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In a hilarious video Jason shared on his Instagram page, you can see that he and Brittany are strolling through the grocery section of their local Target. As the camera pans down to their feet, you see Brittany’s delicate hand reach down to her husband’s boot where she withdraws … a dryer sheet.

The camera then turns to Jason who deadpans, “Yeah, they’re clean.”

So, not only do they do their own Target runs, they also do their own laundry.


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Of course, several followers commented on this post with their own stories of this happening to them. One, @muellermoss, even admitted, “I’d take the lint sheet over the underwear ANY DAY. The underwear happened to me. Thong underwear, lol lol lol.”

Truth! But at least we can all laugh about it … ’cause it’s happened to some of us, too.

Has it ever happened to you?

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