Jason Aldean gets real about being a father for the third time Instagram/@brittanyaldean

We know that all of these new country music moms and dads are overjoyed to welcome their sweet little babies to their families. But we?re also loving how stars like Jason Aldean are keeping it real, especially when it comes to being a dad for the third time with a pretty sizable age gap between his youngest daughter, 10-year-old Kendyl, and his one-month-old son, Memphis.

Jason got behind the mic on Jan. 25 to chat with nationally syndicated morning radio host Bobby Bones, and they talked about how different it is being a dad this time around.

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?I think it probably helps a little bit the fact that I kinda know what to expect sometimes,? Jason says, but then he thoughtfully adds, ?But I also think that every kid is different, and it?s been a long time since I had a baby at home. I think any time a new baby is in your house, it?s tough trying to figure them out, their personalities. I forgot how much they eat. It?s like, all the time, like, every two hours!?

Jason also was proud to declare that he changes Memphis? diapers, too. ?Absolutely. I?m a full throttle dad. I?m a do it all,? he told Bobby.

The real question is, was he involved in the great diaper change of 2018?

Apparently, not long after Jason appeared on the “Bobby Bones Show,” little Memphis had a doctor?s visit. Jason?s wife, Brittany, shared a post on her Instagram showing their handsome boy secured safely in his car seat and dressed in a sweet green onesie.

For a moment anyway.

In the caption, Brittany reveals, ?Someone?s not too happy about the doc visit today … but he looks so cute??? (This onesie is now in the trash due to massive amounts of ? … Oh, and then he peed all over us.) … But how could u be mad at this face ???


Gah, that face! We aren?t sure if this was pre- or post-poop, but the expression on that little angel?s face is absolutely priceless. And holy schmoley, could this child possibly look any more like his dad? It?s remarkable!

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Yes, Jason and Brittany, poop most definitely happens, but it sounds like y?all have it under control with two involved parents, great senses of humor and the bulk, 952-count Huggies baby wipes from Amazon.?

Sweet Memphis will soon celebrate his two-month birthday, and we?re looking forward to a fun year of watching this gorgeous little one learn to babble, roll over, sit up, enjoy Georgia Bulldogs and Alabama Crimson Tide football and try some solid food.

And that?s when diapermania really kicks in!

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