Jason Aldean has never looked more handsome than he does in a new photo Instagram/memphis.aldean

The only thing we love as much as a new song from one of our favorite country artists might be a new picture of their baby. And even better is when both the star and they baby are in the same photograph. It melts our hearts.

Thanks to Jason Aldean and his baby boy, Memphis, we are a puddle.

A new picture popped up on baby Memphis’ Instagram page and it shows the infant asleep, swaddled in a cozy blanket and being cuddled by his country superstar dad. Jason is bare-chested and snuggling cheek-to-cheek with his precious son.

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And we’re dead.

In this incredibly intimate picture, Jason’s sharp tattoos and hard muscles are a great contrast to the soft print on Memphis’ blanket and the softness of his baby cheeks, but that’s where the biggest differences end. And as fans have pointed out, one look at that hair and those lips and there’s no denying that the little boy is Jason’s mini-me.

Brittany has been true to her word when she said she didn’t want to overwhelm fans with pictures of her precious boy. So, this is really the first picture like this we’ve seen of father and son together since Memphis was first born. And while we know Jason is a tough guy who enjoys hunting, football and the outdoors, this tender side of the ruggedly handsome Georgia boy is about the greatest thing ever.

Oh, and speaking of Georgia, if you look closely, you might spot a little toy elephant wedged between Jason and Memphis. Could it be Big Al the Elephant and mascot of the University of Alabama … and mom Brittany’s favorite college football team?

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It could be! We’ve already seen Memphis decked out in onesies and hats that represent his dad’s favorite team, the Georgia Bulldogs, but we can’t recall seeing quite as much of Brittany’s Bama gear on the baby. But we’ll probably see more of both teams on the infant on New Years Day. Remember, Georgia is playing Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl at 5 p.m. ET, and Alabama takes on Clemson at 7:45 p.m. ET.


But heck, before that we have Christmas and we’re already excited about the pictures we’re hoping to see from the Aldean family after Santa Claus comes to town. In fact, that would make a great Christmas present for fans—holiday photos of the Aldean family gathered around the tree!

Just a thought.

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