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OK, if Jason Aldean and his wife, Brittany Kerr, don’t make these in-car videos a regular thing, we’re going to be highly upset.

On Nov. 24, the couple shared another hilarious cell-phone video of their Turkey Day excursion and just like the others, there was a good amount of singing and even more good-natured ribbing between the two. But this time, Jason explained a mystery that we were questioning from the very first time they shared a video — why does Brittany always drive? Jason, in the driver’s seat this time, said, “People ask me why I don’t drive… is because, honestly, it’s because she gets carsick and then she feels like she’s gonna vomit.”

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Well, there’s that.

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Gobble Gobble!! 🚙💨 🦃🦃🦃

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We’re also reminded how the former “American Idol” candidate made it through to Hollywood when she and the hubs trade lines on the Otis Redding hit “Dreams to Remember.” Brittany has quite a voice. The couple also sing along with a Dr. Dre and Eminem duet and Fergie’s “Fergalicious,” but when it comes time to duet on Vanilla Ice’s signature smash, “Ice Ice Baby,” Jason’s bride gets the best of the country superstar pointing out that he has, oh, just a few years on her.

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It doesn’t matter, though. These two are precious and hilarious as Jason delivers a genuine dad joke to a deadpan Brittany, but then gets her back when he yells, “deer,” throwing her into “prepare-for-impact” mode.

Seriously? Maybe they need their own reality show because we could use this every week.

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