Watch how this country music mom handles her toddler’s red carpet meltdown Instagram/@kramergirl

Meltdowns happen. When absolute exhaustion sets in, when you have no idea how to process your feelings or when you’re just done with the situation, it is inevitable. Of course, as adults, those tantrums often happen internally and manifest themselves in bottles of wine, rows of Oreos or a mind-numbing Netflix binge.

But in toddlers, meltdowns happen externally and they usually involve tears and a face plant on the floor.

Secretly, we’re jealous of the toddlers. Especially Jana Kramer’s little one, 2-year-old Jolie Rae.

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If you follow Jana on social media, you might already know that when it comes to momming, she is one of the most honest and authentic mothers there is. She often shares her distress about her daughter’s finicky eating habits, and solicits the advice of other mothers when it comes to Jolie’s diet, habits, behavior and a variety of other things that toddlers go through. It’s obvious she’s so proud to be a mom and wants to be a great one.

From what we’ve seen, she is.

Jana and Jolie just took part in the Rookie USA Fashion Show on Feb. 15 in California. The event showcases the Rookie USA multi-brand collection of athletic apparel for kids, and features celebrity models with their children.

This was Jolie’s first time to participate in a fashion show and, in her Insta Story, Jana took us behind the curtain while her gorgeous little peanut visited the glam squad before her debut.

That included having her makeup done …

… her hair done …

… and a pre-runway snack of mac & cheese.

She even had her pensive pout down pat.


Prior to their stroll down the fashion show’s catwalk, though, there was a red carpet, and both Jana and Jolie, in adorable coordinating outfits, were flashing dazzling smiles.

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But, at one point, it looked like Jolie had enough of all of the fanfare that accompanies an event like this and she did what almost any toddler would do: She laid down on the red carpet, put her head in her hands and melted down.

And Jana, well, she was downright amazing. Instead of being upset or embarrassed, she stroked Jolie’s back, smiled at the cameras and shrugged, acknowledging that her little one had had enough.


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We don’t think she could have handled it any better! She didn’t make it a big deal, so there was no tantrum. She kept her cool and her sense of humor, and showed incredible patience and understanding to her sweet little girl who had already done something way outside of what she was familiar with.

Jolie out.

We’ve noticed that no matter how anxious Jana might get with Jolie’s limited menu, she always has a smile and laugh for her daughter, even when she drinks out of the dog bowl.


What else can you do but laugh?

Wouldn’t it be nice if, when we’re on the verge of a grown-up meltdown, someone would rub our backs like that?

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