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We’re still hours away from ringing in a new year, and while we have a lot of great things to celebrate from 2017, we’ve just learned about one more and, well, it’s so special our hearts are exploding confetti.

On Dec. 31, Jana Kramer shared a photo album on her Instagram page showing that she and husband Michael Caussin have renewed their wedding vows.

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As exciting and beautiful as that great news is, Jana shares an open and honest message to 2017 that reveals just how difficult that road was to this point.

She writes, “2017…… broke my heart, you broke me down, you made me question everything, but damn did you make me strong. You taught me patience, you taught me family was everything. You made me believe not only in myself but the power of forgiveness. You turned me into the women I always wanted to be. I have NO clue what 2018 has in store for me but I’ve never been more ready to live day by day and enjoy each day as it comes at me. Here’s to always believing in love and fighting for it…. (Pics from Hawaii Dec 2nd…vow renewal)….2018, I’m ready for you!”

You may recall that Jana and Michael separated in 2016 and news later broke that he had entered a rehabilitation program to help him cope with addictive behavior. While it was rumored that the couple had split, Jana never confirmed anything other than the separation and continued to wear her wedding ring. While she was always honest, Jana kept her private life mostly private until photos of her little family, which includes the couple’s beautiful baby girl, Jolie Rae, began springing up on her social media pages.

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A family worth fighting for…

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Then in early December, Jana shared a moving photo that revealed that she and Michael were not only back together, but that they also had been expecting their second child together. Unfortunately, we were saddened to hear that the pregnancy ended in a heartbreaking miscarriage.

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Today I am 1-3. I debated posting this for the exact reason why it’s a silent struggle. I don’t want I’m sorry or sympathy. I just don’t want to feel alone. And I know I’m not. This unfortunately isn’t my first loss. When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to shout it from the rooftop but I know for reasons like this we have to wait. So because we don’t tell many, we have to suffer silently…and suffering silently was my thing in the past, but it’s not now. For the women out there who have miscarried in the past and need support and a place to grieve their little one lost or to those in the thick of it like me who are currently grieving and in pain, let us all be there for each other. You don’t need to feel alone and maybe that’s me talking to myself but if you need a place to share, I’m here for you…and all of us are (and guys too. We sometimes silence your voice because you feel bad to express how it’s made u feel so let this be a safe place for you too). And because I don’t have all the words to say because I’m knee deep in crying and trying to listen to God, my girlfriend @alittlebitfancy says them for me. But in her Words and her story on her loss. It’s powerful and strong and those who have suffered a loss I truly feel u can heal reading her blog. I know for me it helped. Head over to her page. Her link is in the bio and also in my bio. I love you guys. #yourenotalone


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With Jana and Michael’s vow renewal taking place on Dec. 2 and then losing their baby after that, it’s understandable why they waited to share the beautiful photos from the ceremony. But from her caption, it sounds as if the couple is now able to celebrate the joy of being one of the couples that, in spite of facing some significant challenges, made it through the rain.

And in an era when relationships have become disposable, it’s incredibly inspiring to see a couple who made the effort and the long-term investment in their relationship, because, as Jana says, sometimes love is worth fighting for.

Congratulations, Jana and Michael, and Happy New Year.

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