Jamie Lynn Spears shares a heartwarming photo of the paramedics who saved her daughter Instagram/@jamielynnspears

Jamie Lynn Spears and her entire family have so much to be thankful for this holiday season, and she doesn’t want to miss one moment of being able to share that gratitude with all of us.

Remember back in February, Jamie Lynn’s then 8-year-old daughter Maddie flipped her ATV into a pond, got trapped by the seat belt and safety netting and nearly drowned? For two days, Maddie was in a coma. But miraculously, the beautiful girl made a full recovery and is back to her normal routine and life.

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But mama Jamie Lynn will never forget the two first responders on the scene that rescued her child and helped make that full recovery a reality, and in a recent Instagram she shared their names with the world.

Victoria Ragoonath and John Fortner were on hand to celebrate Maddie’s 9th birthday party back in June with the Spears family. On Dec 18, Jamie Lynn re-posted a pic of the two with Maddie as a way to commemorate their incredible rescue. According to “People,” the two are paramedics.

“The hardest milestone me and my family have ever faced was almost losing our beautiful Maddie, but thanks to God and the two angels in this picture we were able to celebrate Maddie turning 9 years old all together,” Spears said in her caption.

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Jamie Lynn has been posting milestone moments on her Instagram under the hashtag “12 Days of JLS.”

Back in June, when Jamie Lynn originally posted the photo with those first responders, she wrote these words in her original caption: “More than ever we realize how precious every day is … Thank God for these amazing people, and thank you God for your amazing grace. We are so blessed today, and every day with this little angel.”

We hope the Spears clan has an absolutely magical holiday season.

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