Jake Owen’s new music is proof he’s on the other side of post-divorce pain AP Photo/Mark Humphrey
AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Jake Owen just released a new album that’s the perfect soundtrack for those hot summer days on the lake or cruising down the road with your windows down. It’s called “American Love,” and Jake told us about the laid-back flow of the album as he drove us on his boat down the Cumberland River in Nashville.

When putting this album together, Jake chose to record songs that just made him feel good.

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He tells us, “They make me feel forever young. When I was young, I liked the song that talked about being young. As I’ve grown older, I like the songs that remind you of being young.”

You can definitely hear that vibe carried out in the album’s first hit, “American Country Love Song.”

Jake put that song as the last track on the album while the carefree title track, “American Love,” kicks the record off with a “funky, uptempo” feel.

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As for naming the album for that song, Jake explains, “It is very fitting because there’s a lot of songs, as I came to realize, on the record that speak of that type of love. Love for one another. Love in our relationships. There’s also feelings, too, on there of need for love — the desire for it.

The journey continues from there.

Jake adds, “It’ll flow into the more sensual songs, like, ‘If He Ain’t Gonna Love You’ [which features Chris Stapleton] or ‘Where I Am.’ And then it ends with ‘American Country Love Song’ — I think, kinda of ties it all back together.”

Love is the theme throughout this album, and it’s also been a complicated topic for Jake in the past few years. His marriage to Lacey Buchanan ended in divorce in 2015, and Jake went through some hard times in the wake of that split. Hearing the new album, it’s clear that Jake is on the other side of that hurt and just happy to make music he loves.


“I don’t feel like any part of this record, once we got to the end and the core of it, was forced at all,” Jake says. ” It really does feel like me. And to hear you, and other people tell me as well that they just love the way it sounds — they love the way things feel — that’s all I’m really relying on. I feel like I made a great record. It did what I wanted to do, and I feel like people are proud of it. I’m proud of it.”

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