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The only thing certain about life is that it?s riddled with uncertainty. But in all of life?s daily uncertainty, there is always beauty to be found. For country star Jake Owen, that beauty is this little beauty: his daughter Pearl.

Jake?s days are spent balancing life as a country music singer, writer and touring artist. He’s also focused on being the best dad he can be to his growing daughter. Sometimes, he notices a tip in the balance of those scales toward his pride and joy, and he?s absolutely OK with that.

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In fact, he wouldn?t have it any other way, because she is what matters most.

?I?ve realized when I look at my pics I?ve posted, I?ve been putting up a lot of photos of my little girl. That?s because she?s what makes me proud,” Jake recently captioned a photo of his daughter Pearl standing next to his beloved German Shepherd. And it’s this photo that is melting our hearts.

?This is a platform where we can share ?content? with the world, family, friends, and yeah ? my fans. My life isn?t just pictures of me strumming a guitar or crowds with lighters in the air,” Jake went on to say. “She?s my life, and everything else comes second. That?s why I?m posting this. And, oh yeah, I love my dog, too.?

Now that right there is a role model father. And fans not only respect this, but they also love Jake even more for it.

?That?s great, and we enjoy you sharing your blessings with us. Enjoy her growing up journey as those just get better with each day,? one fan commented.

?She?s adorable. You?re a good dad. Cute dog, too!? another wrote.

These two are just too precious.

?My everything,? he posted of this photo above that he took back during Christmas break in 2017.


And, of course, this photo still just wrecks us.

?Post-show on the bus with my biggest, little fan. She tried to stay up for the whole show,” Jake wrote about a photo of him snuggling with his adorable daughter on the bus.

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Jake?s had a lot of changes in his professional life in recent months?he left his longtime label, Sony/RCA Nashville, to join the roster at Big Loud Records, in addition to forming management company Good Company Entertainment with longtime members of his team.

He?s taking control of his career and path in new and exciting ways, all while keeping Pearl at the center of everything he does. And he?s never looked happier.

Congratulations, Jake. We all love getting to feel like a part of your journey. Thank you for sharing your heart so freely with the fans.

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