It's the end of a painful and beautiful journey for Jana Kramer Instagram/@kramergirl

She went from being wounded and fragile to becoming strong and spirited. On top of that, Jana Kramer became a dancer. But on Nov. 21, one part of her dramatic transformation was completed as her journey on “Dancing With the Stars” came to an end.

Each of the four couples who danced in the finals round were required to perform two routines — one chosen by the judges and the second, a freestyle routine.

Unfortunately, Jana and Gleb started with a slight handicap. During rehearsals for the week, Gleb fell ill with the flu and the country singer spent much of her time training with another amazing professional from the troupe, Alan Bersten. However, Gleb did recover in time to dance in the finale, but their practice time was affected.

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For Jana’s first dance, the judge’s chose the tango, which was the dance she and Gleb performed after her painful injury in the second week when she tore her intercostal muscles. An obviously healthy Jana was stunning, as she executed the steps of the beautiful dance, earning a 35 out of a possible 40 points.

The second dance, the freestyle, was choreographed by Gleb to tell the story of Jana’s journey on “Dancing With the Stars.” If you recall, the beautiful actress-turned-singer started the show right after the news broke that she and husband Mike Claussin were separating, then he was admitted into rehab for sex addiction. Shortly after that, it was revealed that Jana was almost murdered by her first husband. In spite of all of the injuries, illness and tragic news, the country star managed to blossom, not just as a dancer but also as a person. The dance began with Jana and Gleb tethered to each other, with the petite brunette playing herself and Gleb portraying her challenges. Eventually, the length of fabric connecting the two fell away and Jana was able to stand on her own.


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As stunning as both of the dances were and as complimentary as the judges were, it wasn’t enough to save Jana and Gleb from elimination, and it almost looked as if Jana was expecting it. She did grow emotional thanking everyone during the show’s close, but then she bounded onto the dance floor with a youthful enthusiasm, hugging each of the other competitors.

Afterward, Jana took to her socials to properly thank her dance partner for her magical tenure on the show. “Gleb, you were there for me every step of the way and I’ll forever be grateful for your friendship, your hard work, your talent and your heart. You are family now,” she wrote. She also thanked her fans for voting week after week. Jana continued, “Thanks to everyone for voting for us every week. I just hope and pray my story touched at least a few of you to know your worth, know you’re good enough and always stand tall.”

Jana, you made us proud.

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