It was inevitable that this little lovebug would inherit her mama’s love of singing Instagram/@RoryAndJoey

There is little on earth that sounds as sweet as a child singing. It’s less about pitch, tone and breath control as it is about the sheer joy and happiness it brings to them and the people that are listening. You don’t have to take our word for it. You can watch little Indiana Feek as she sings along with family friend Jan Harris.

Daddy Rory Feek shared video on his Instagram page as Indy and Jan went through a verse of that favorite sing-along, we know best by Carly Simon and James Taylor, “Mockingbird.”

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That face that little Indy is making through their impromptu concert? That is what joy looks like, my friends.

The three year old may not hit all of the words, but she’s right on the money when it comes to “diamond ring,” as any girl would be. And she nails the “whoa-oh-ohs” at the end, although she may have wanted more rehearsal time. At the end, she clearly tells her pops, “Daddy, no.”

Ah, the paparazzi.

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Indiana has already proven that she has her mother’s love of gardening and tending to the animals on the farm, and now Daddy is cultivating her innate musical skills. When the time is right, we’d love to see her join Rory on stage.

Wonder what they’ll wear?

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…like mama, like baby.

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Getting to know Joey+Rory’s daughter, Indiana Feek

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