Oh yeah, we admit it. We’ve been mildly obsessed with Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins. From their courtship, to their marriage, to news of adoption while simultaneously announcing their pregnancy, we’ve relished it all. They’ve remained generous about sharing images of their baby girls on social media, but they’ve also kept it real.

And it is REALLY real for them.

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With two babies under two—Willa Gray is almost two and Ada James is not quite two months—plus daddy maintaining a hectic tour schedule and Lauren still active with the charity 147 Million Orphans, we wonder when this super couple sleeps.

Turns out, they sleep when they go to mamaw and papaw’s house.

Lauren shared a photo on her Instagram page, and in it, Thomas Rhett has nodded off on the couch, but so has she, laying across his lap. Her hilarious caption reads: “Off day plans: Go to Mamaw and Papaw’s. Hand kids off to Mamaw and Papaw. THIS. 🙌🏼 #parenting

No glitz, no glam, no hair and makeup. Just honest and authentic, and all the reasons we love them.

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But really, how much trouble could these two precious little angels be? Dang, youthful good looks must run in T-Rhett’s family. That’s his mom, not his sister!

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Thomas Rhett has dates on his “Home Team Tour” schedule through Nov. 15. Then we suspect that, much like the story “A Visit From Saint Nick,” he’ll settle in for a long winter’s nap.

Thomas Rhett’s daughter Ada James is born

It looks like parenthood is catching up with Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Instagram/@laur_akins
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