Is Carrie Underwood expanding her family again anytime soon? Getty Images
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Carrie Underwood’s baby boy, Isaiah, has brought so much joy into her life, she’s totally open to giving him a little brother or sister soon.

In an interview with “People,” Carrie says she and her hubby, Mike, are “definitely” having more kids at some point.

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“I’m not sure when because we’re both kind of busy these days,” Carrie says. “But yeah, definitely.”

She adds, “[Isaiah]’s so good — I could do a few more of those.”

When it comes to Isaiah, he is following in his mom’s footsteps in the food department. Though he’s not totally vegetarian like she is, Carrie says, “He loves everything. He’s not a huge meat eater, but he likes turkey and stuff like that. Lots of veggies.”

A love of vegetables isn’t the only thing Isaiah shares with Carrie.

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She explains, “He likes to sing. If you just go ‘la-la-la,’ he’ll go ‘la-la-la-la.’ He mimics really well.”

We’re thinking Isaiah may be able to contribute some guest vocals for Carrie on the follow-up to her latest album, “Storyteller?”

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