Social media can be heartbreaking, depressing and toxic on a good day. But in the wake of the recent shooting at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, where 26 members were gunned down, it went to the next level. And country artist Jimmy Wayne has had enough.

He’s particularly frustrated by those in the public eye who mock the power of prayer, as TV personality, writer and GQ webshow host Keith Olbermann seemed to do with this tweet.

In a video on his Facebook page, Jimmy shared his own personal story of what prayer has meant for him, starting as a child who endured the unthinkable when his stepfather made him load a pistol then held it to his head and pulled the trigger.

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“The sound of that gun going off in my ear was deafening and the burning in my face, I’ll never forget that,” he says. “I’ll never forget how scared I was in that moment when I didn’t know if he was going to do it again. And how scared I was when I was trying to get him to stop and I was laying on his arm and putting all of my body weight on his arm. I was, like, 70 pounds. I’ll never forget praying in that moment. I remember how it felt when I was praying and I was also talking to [my stepfather] and telling him, ‘Please don’t shoot me.’”

Throughout his troubled life, Jimmy leaned on prayer, even when he was hungry, angry and afraid, and he credits that with him still being here today.

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“I know this,” he says. “God didn’t promise there wouldn’t be hardships and pain and struggles. But he did promise he would help you through them.”

Jimmy also encouraged those on social media to unfollow others who share negative posts and to begin sharing the good. “Send the positive energy and the light,” he says.

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