In a new blog post, Rory reflects on a new “blessing from heaven” This Life I Live blog

As Joey Feek lived out her last days here on earth, her thoughts constantly stayed centered on what life would be like for her dear husband Rory and daughter Indiana when she was not here.

At a time when she could have been thinking about her own pain and suffering, she persevered with plans to ensure that life would seem as normal as possible after her death. So, she planted seedsmade music, and she even discussed her intentions and dreams as to where Indiana would eventually go to school.

And those dreams came true this week.

In a March 25 blog post, Rory shared with his still-growing legions of fans that Indiana is now not only attending school, but she is also thriving at that school.

“Though it’s hard for me to be away from Indiana at all, I also know that it’s a wonderful opportunity for her.  And after her living with me in one small bedroom of a house for the last five months and not having much to do, she is ready for more stimulation and learning, and her new preschool is truly a blessing from heaven.”

Despite this somewhat return to normalcy, Rory also spoke of the empty space in their heart that might never be filled. “Indy and I are trying to adjust to our new life at home.  To the empty chair at our table and pillow on the other side of my bed. Desperately missing Joey and carrying her in our hearts with us everywhere we go. Knowing, believing… that she’s looking down each morning as I take Indy into High Hopes, still smiling saying, ‘that’s the one honey…that’s the one.'”

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