How Sugarland’s reunion news remained the best-kept secret in country music YouTube/Bobby Bones
YouTube/Bobby Bones

In early November, we brought you the happy news that Sugarland was finally back together after years of pursing solo endeavors. But you’ll be surprised to know just how long they kept that news under wraps.

And Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush aren?t wasting any time diving back into work.

?New music is happening very soon,? Jennifer told nationally-syndicated radio host Bobby Bones and his crew as she and Kristian recently stopped by the morning show?s Nashville studio.

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And that wasn?t the only big bombshell bit of news she dropped.

?We?re going on tour in 2018.?

Yes, you read that correctly. Sugarland is planning to hit the road next year for the first time since 2011!

Kristian gave Bobby a bit of a hard time, joking, ?I bet you?ve never seen a Sugarland show ? it?s a thing ? we get wound up as performers.?

But Bobby countered that he had once seen the duo in action before they took their break. He caught their show when they were opening for Kenny Chesney.

But what Bobby really wanted to know is what we’ve all wanted to know: how did they keep the news of their reunion under wraps? Especially with the first hint of their comeback taking place live on CMA Awards stage on Nov. 8. With hundred of people around working on the show, looking at scripts, arranging for talent pickup?how did no one catch on that the big reveal was coming?

Well, now we know.

?There?s a secret tunnel underneath [Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena],? Kristian said.

?It was on extreme lockdown,? Jennifer told Bobby. ?No rehearsals for the copy the day before, the script the day before, nothing was mentioned anywhere. We didn?t show up for any of it, nobody was able to say it. We drove up literally right before we walked onstage, got out of the car in the secret tunnel and walked back off and got in the car and away we went.? Later they night, they performed together at one of the CMA Awards after parties.


Jennifer said, ?What we?ve hoped to do is get people excited.?

And people are, rest assured.

The hit-making duo also spoke about the reason they’re finally reuniting.

?It?s not a big ?a-ha? moment,? Jennifer said. ?We never closed the door and said, ?We?re breaking up forever!? We said, ?Guys, we want to do other things. So when you don?t close a door, you can walk back through it. And we?ve always said to our fans, ?When and if, and as the time is right, we will come back and do this.??

And the musical chemistry is still there, so much so that these two are finishing each other?s thoughts in the writer?s room.

?It?s a little creepy,? Kristian admitted.

?We did it so much, man, we did it for so long. You would hope?I guess there was a chance and we were curious as to whether or not we?d be like, ?Who are you? I don?t even know how to write with you anymore!?” Jennifer joked.

?Is this gonna work?? Kristian added with a laugh.

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Well it is?and John and TJ Osborne are already aware, apparently, that they’ve got some new competition on the horizon.


As Sugarland presented the CMA Award for Vocal Duo of the Year to Brothers Osborne that night, Jennifer says off-mic, right there onstage they asked her, ?Wait are y?all really getting back together, because this is competition??

Brothers Osborne has won he CMA Vocal Duo prize for the last two years, but Sugarland had a lock on the win every year from 2007 until 2011.

We see it as a golden opportunity for these two hot acts to work and tour together ? four times the harmony power!

Watch the full Sugarland interview in the video here, and get excited for new music in the new year!

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