Hot country couple Lauren and Thomas Rhett find the perfect way to cool off this summer Sanford Myers/Invision/AP
Sanford Myers/Invision/AP

Success is no stranger to Thomas Rhett and his lovely bride, Lauren. With each of his last six singles all landing inside the Top Five, along with selling out concerts all over the country and hocking more than a few T-shirts with his face on them, we have to imagine Thomas Rhett is on pretty solid financial ground.

Can you imagine the pool they have to have?

In a video that begs for Robin Leach’s infamous “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” voice, Thomas took to Instagram to show off the not one but TWO pools he and Lauren have in their backyard and you’ll be amazed.

Shocked because you too can snag the very same pool for $5.99 at your local Walmart.

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With Lauren home from her most recent mission trip and Thomas back home from the road, he took to Instagram to post a video “showing off” their pools and backyard.

“This is our makeshift pool for now,” he says, panning over from the pink to the blue plastic Walmart beauties, “…and there’s the other one.”

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Love coming home to kiddie pools and @laur_akins


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He’s obviously joking as the two are most certainly the dogs’ pools, each with their own because fitting the two of them into one pool would take some doing. The great part of this video, however, is the very end where he says so succinctly and honestly, “Good to be home,” which you can tell by the tone in his voice he truly is grateful.

Isn’t this great? To have a superstar so cool and so in love with both his wife and his life that all he needs to be happy is the time to watch his wife throw the ball around the backyard with the pups, and of course, his two plastic pools, which went through a lot.

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