Here's your first glimpse at Faith Hill and Tim McGraw bringing their expertise to "The Voice" The Voice/YouTube screenshot
The Voice/YouTube screenshot

Can we talk country music fan to country music fan? Of course we know what an impact Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have had in the historical timeline of country music. They’re virtually the Duchess and Duke of the format. Plus, they’ve both had crossover success both in the pop music world and in the film industry. And how many of us have followed their social media pages to see their unwavering commitment to each other and their daughters? OK, maybe we’ve also followed to see hot swimsuit pics, too.

As country music fans, we know all about them, but what we’re going to see on the Oct. 24 episode of “The Voice” is that their reach and impact goes far beyond country music. In a new sneak peek video from NBC, we’re seeing that the reality show contestants are as overwhelmed to meet the country stars as we would be. Tim and Faith also giving honest advice to the singing hopefuls.

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Tim explains, “Faith is such a soulful singer and she’s not going to sugar coat anything for you. She’s going to tell you how she feels.”

Faith reciprocates the thought saying, “Tim is one of the most professional performers in the business, period. Any comment from him at all is like being in a master class. Any advice that he gives is always very sincere and very honest because if you’re not honest, there’s no point in us being here.”

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But hold on. Tim and Faith aren’t dispensing advice from a podium or pedestal like judge and jury, they’re getting down on the floor and getting real, demonstrating singing stances and offering practical hints and suggestions for the contestants to put their best foot… and voice… forward.

And they give out hugs. A lot of hugs!

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