Here's why Jason Aldean "took his normal wedding band off" Sanford Myers/Invision/AP

Lets face it, there are times when married couples find that it’s just too risky to wear their wedding rings.

Take for example, the worry of losing it down the drain while washing the dishes, or injuring your finger during a rough game of sports, or even handling unsafe machinery at work.

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But, for country star Jason Aldean, his symbol of love to his gorgeous bride, Brittany Kerr, means so much that he’s found a way to sport his ring out in public no matter where he goes or what he’s doing.

Jason has replaced his actual wedding band with an affordable piece of jewelry that comes in a variety of styles and colors. So, if one of them breaks, the Georgian is able to put another one back on. So, what did he do with his traditional ring? Well — he keeps that tucked away for safekeeping.

“It’s basically called a Qalo ring,” Jason tells CMT’s Cody Alan, “It’s a rubber wedding band. So, I basically just took my normal wedding band off — my medal one that I had. I put it in a jewelry box, and I just wear these rubber ones now.”

He continued, “If I play softball, or if I play golf or if I’m even scratching my guitar, or if I’m hunting and it gets hung on something instead of ripping my finger off, the rubber ring will just rip.”

Jason was inspired to find an alternative wedding band after hearing about comedian and television show host Jimmy Fallon’s horrifying but rare accident called a “Ring Avulsion.”

“Jimmy Fallon I guess caught his ring on a drawer or something, and almost ripped his finger off not too long ago,” said Jason. “So, it’s kind of to prevent that.”

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Of course, Jason has already shown that his heart belongs to Brittany in so many ways. Not only has he brought her along with him on tour, but she was also featured in his recent music video for the song “A Little More Summertime.” And, if you haven’t seen the video yet, well — it’s pretty steamy! You can check it out here.


Currently, Jason in the midst of playing shows for his Six String Circus Tour with openers Thomas Rhett and A Thousand Horses. On Sept. 9, he released his seventh studio album, “They Don’t Know.”

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