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Beautiful, talented, charming, sweet and gracious, newcomer Carly Pearce personifies everything that is good in country music. With her debut single, “Every Little Thing,” the petite brunette is poised to take her position in the future of the format. But what else do we know about this sweet Kentucky girl?

We know that Carly comes from a long line of singers and musicians and, although it was LeAnn Rimes’ “Blue” that inspired her to make music her vocation, it was bluegrass music that gave the 11-year-old her start. Yep, she was just 11. After singing a couple of bluegrass tunes in a karaoke studio, she was offered her first gig—fronting a touring bluegrass band. She tells Rare Country, “I kind of looked at my mom and was like, ‘Wait, what?’”

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It seems that Carly was destined for a career in music, and the sooner the better. In fact, in spite of cheerleading and proms, she left high school at the age of 16, with her parents’ blessing, and headed further south to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to work at Dollywood.

“When I was 16 my mom moved with me into a one-bedroom, grizzly bear decorated condo,” she tells us. “You know that was my first job and everybody was a lot older than me and I understood how to sing and understood what it means to always be on.” Not only did Carly do six shows a day, she was also featured on billboards and flyers promoting Dollywood to tourists.

Nashville’s Monday night Whiskey Jam gave Carly the opportunity to meet Texas sensation Josh Abbott. “We became Twitter friends. He then messaged me three years later and said, ‘I have this song and I think you’re the right voice for it.’ I didn’t really know anything about Texas country,” she says.

Carly learned fast, though. The song became an organic hit, and Carly found herself on a tour bus with Josh and his band performing concerts across the United States and appearing nationally on “Jimmy Kimmel.”

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She may seem new to us, but Carly has already played the Grand Ole Opry more than 30 times. It’s her favorite place in the world. She smiles and tells us, “Because, from a little girl in Kentucky, that was what I dreamt of doing. And that is so important to me. So I always joke and say I hope that they know that I’m up for adoption and they can adopt me at any point because I’m really great.”


As warm as Carly is, she has known some darkness and heartbreak in her life. Her debut single, “Every Little Thing,” is her story. “I wrote every little thing out of therapy for myself, really not thinking that anybody would ever hear it, about a guy who broke my heart several years ago,” she says. “And it’s interesting because we’ve both very much moved on and have not spoken, but you don’t forget those moments. And it’s interesting. I’ve written hundreds of songs I’ve put out different songs and this one had a mind of its own. When it went out, it had wings and it flew.”


This is just our first glimpse of Carly Pearce, but with songs like “Every Little Thing” in her repertoire, along with her devotion to country music and the Grand Ole Opry, we’re expecting to see much more of her in the future.

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