Hank Williams Jr. is living proof you can still raise hell and be a good grandpa NBC/

Just because he’s now a grandpa several times over doesn’t mean Hank Williams, Jr. is finished being a badass.

Bocephus just sat down for an interview on NBC’s “Today” with his singer/songwriter daughter, Holly Williams, and it was heartwarming to see the family man aspect of Hank Jr’s life.

Holly has two daughters with her husband, Chris, and she says her dad is a wonderful grandfather.

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Holly says, “He’s awesome. You know, just really thoughtful.”

Even though Holly knows her dad was rowdier than many rock acts during his ’70s and ’80s heyday, she’s taken a lot of inspiration from his music as she forges her own path as an artist. Hank Jr. worked hard to establish his own identity apart from his larger-than-life dad, Hank Williams, Sr.

Holly says, “He tells me, ‘I plugged in the guitar and half the crowd would leave and I would get booed and I would get stuff thrown at me.’ It would have been so easy for him to just crumble in those situations because people wanted him to sound like Hank and look like Hank and do all that. Just seeing the career he built for himself and the life he built off of authenticity and not caving into anyone’s request.”

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For proof that Hank Jr. is still rocking as hard as ever, check out his new album, “It’s About Time,” available now.

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