As Gretchen Wilson took a bit of a musical break to spend more time raising her daughter, she admits to Rare Country that she got a bit out of practice in the performing department.

And it’s been tough getting back in the groove.

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“I get severely nauseous and nervous before I go out to perform these days,” admits Gretchen to Rare Country about getting back on the road in support of her new album “Ready to Get Rowdy.” “I’m like any other 44-year-old woman. I have lines on my face and probably 20 pounds more weight on me than I want.”

Yet, Gretchen says she’s doing the work she needs to do in order to perform the best shows she can.

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“I’ve been running three miles a day to stay in shape, to stand out there performing in 115 degrees,” says Gretchen. “But personally, I’m really happy. I love my life and I have a beautiful kid that every time I look at, I know that I did something right.”

Indeed, Gretchen’s 17-year-old daughter is serving as the driving force in the revitalization of Gretchen’s career. “If I didn’t go back to work, I think she was about to freak out,” she says with a laugh. “She’s turned out into a beautiful lady.”

Gretchen Wilson talks about the real life toll performing now takes Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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