Gloriana's new song is all about female empowerment — check out the awesome video

Gloriana is back with a vengeance.

With the release of their current single “Trouble” and their brand new album “Three,” Gloriana is showing everyone who’s boss. Bringing a whole new attitude to the dial, the country threesome of Rachel Reinert and Mike and Tom Gossin says that their new song is all about empowerment…female empowerment that is.

“We wanted to create an asskicker of a song,” explained Reinert in a recent interview. “When you are unhappy in your dating life or relationship, you have two options. You can either cry and be miserable or you can tell them to pack up their stuff and get the heck out.”

This is exactly what Reinert seemed to do with a certain past boyfriend not too long ago.

But, at last year’s CMA Awards, Reinert seemed to clear things up for once and for all.

“‘Trouble’ is about an ex-boyfriend that I had…not you,” Reinert said to syndicated radio show host and ex-boyfriend Bobby Bones.

“I’ll jump in here and just say it is not about you [Bobby],” Tom Gossin interjected. “I saw it on Twitter that people were thinking it’s about you. I will say for the record, these two remain friends and there wasn’t like a bad ending to your guys’ thing.”

Whoever the song is about doesn’t really matter to us. What does matter is Gloriana is back and sounding better than ever.

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